Install Ancient OS V3.0.1 on Redmi 5 | OneUI | Stable Build


Status : Stable

Credits : 👤 Anmol

Thanks to:

  • Jamie and Nayan for helping
  • Smokey for Activity manager app

Android: 10

Port date: 9th April 2020


Bluetooth Audio (turn off calling audio in Bluetooth device settings to fix)


  • Hotspot fixed
  • Dt2w fixed
  • Some minor tweaks and improvements


After boot to homescreen, fix RiL:

  1. Open Activity Manager (already installed)
  2. Then select Android Setup (first one)
  3. Then select .deffered.defferedsetupwizardactivity
  4. And then setup wizard will open (dont connect to WiFi) and select LTE

How to install

  • Download the Rom from the link below.
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery.
  • Go to wipe and wipe everything except the internal storage and sd card.
  • Now go to install and flash downloaded Rom.
  • Reboot and enjoy.


Ancient OS V3.0.1 For Rosy : Download

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